Finding Support

Sometimes all we need is a little support to make it happen. 

But, finding that support can be tough.  One of the best support groups for weight loss is Weight Watchers.  Another is TOPS.  And some people find a home in OA (Overeaters Anonymous).

The internet has brought about other support groups, and here are several "meetups" that might be helpful:

I've actually put up the links to the "links" page for each of those sites so you could explore other, related "meetups" if you want... sure to check out their homepage first though!

What I like best about the meetups is that they don't insist on a particular plan but, rather, focus on offering support.

In case none of those work for you, from the DMOZ Weight Loss Support Page, and other sources, here are some other support groups:

Okay, I hope that's enough to get you started.  I haven't checked out these groups (except for some at the very top of this page), so your own your own in this area.  Just remember, if you get ahold of some jerk who tries to squash you when you participate in a "support" group, just SKIP him (or them) and move on to one that is more supportive.  You may have to try several groups....