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Starch Blockers

I was wrong; They *CAN* be Enough by Themselves

I'm impressed with the results that I'm getting using a starch blocker.  I've not been quite compliant with the No Sugar No Flour model, consuming a few pieces of potato bread daily (veggie burgers) and the occasional sweets.  Even so, I've lost weight from about 254 when I started using them to a current weight of about 247. 

What Is, and What Could Be

This is without any other profound effort (other than generally avoiding sweets and still avoiding flour most of the time) and no exercise.

I still suspect that if I could get EFFECTIVELY restarted with "No Flour No Sugar" and aerobic exercise of some kind (even mild) about 4 or 5 times a week that I'd lose more weight and "shape up" a little better.  We'll see.

Which One?

With thousands of supplements "out there" you may be wondering which Starch Blocker I'm using.  I'm using one that contains White Kidney Bean Extract (WKBE) and NOTHING ELSE.  (No Ephedra or Ma Huang or any of THAT crap!)

 See, also,

Dr. Rosenblatt's Book

I haven't read the book, so I can't vouch for or against it.  But, here is a predefined search, in case you wish to purchase a copy for yourself.

Google Search on Starch Blocker Diet Book

Your Mileage May Vary

Realize that different people metabolize food differently, and your results may vary.  Your results may be better, or worse, than mine.  Myself, however, I'm quite happy with the results so far.

Originally I Wrote Before I Knew Better

I've been using Starch Blockers lately when eating beans, rice, or potatoes.  The Starch Blocker I use is from White Kidney Bean extract.  I think it is helpful, but not enough by itself.