More about Baselines

If you've read this far, then you're likely pretty serious about doing this "right."  However, you may not know how to proceed without the right tools.  On this page, I plan to tell you about some of my tools for keeping baselines.

When I quit smoking in 1994, I found that the most important part of that process (other than actually not smoking) was keeping the baseline data.  I did this with a spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel).

My First Baseline Data

Later, I started "playing" with keeping other baselines on health data.  Click here to find out more about my first collection of baseline data.

Other Early Baseline Data

After that initial spreadsheet, I tuned the process and made some major changes.  Click here to see the approach I used to collect later baseline data.

The "Bio" Clock was just the day divided into 8 hour segments numbered 1 through 8 and sometimes beyond (as when I went to bed after midnight; maybe 9 or even 10).  The hour was the hour of the day in military time.  The rest of the data is describe in "My First Baseline Data."

Dancing Tiger Exercise System

At that time, I also developed a gentle exercise system called the Dancing Tiger Exercise System.  Although I had stopped doing it, I now plan to resume that program.