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This site is dedicated to low carbohydrate variations of a vegetarian diet to provide a lifetime of  optimal health. 

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If you offer criticism anonymously, then, depending on your content, your validity and agenda may be questioned. 

For example, if you claim to have had a bad experience with starch blockers, and you make an effort to censor my favorable commentary about them, but you choose to be anonymous, then the validity of your claim is subject to dismissal.

A comment questioning the effectiveness of starch blockers and offered anonymously is viewed as probably coming from someone who sells a competing product...  ...and this website will not be someone else's weapon in a commercial competition. 

No Name = No Credibility.

Your name & e-mail must be able to be verified as valid in cases such as these.  Also, your referral source, such as whether from a Webring or another source is helpful.


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