No Flour No Sugar

2003 April 9 (WED) (aka 03-04-09)

The bad news: I went to my retreat, but everything there was high-carb (mostly beans & rice).  I'm having trouble getting restarted....

The good news:  All of you who have come to visit my site are an inspiration.  Send feedback if you get a chance.  What you have to say can make a real difference. 

Yoga Retreats and Vegetarian Meals

I was blessed with the opportunity for my sweetie & myself to attend a "Partner Yoga" retreat at KripaluKripalu is awesome, very supportive in every way, but I failed to let them know my needs.  My fault. 

But my body doesn't care WHOSE "fault" it is; just that I ate TOO MUCH carbs primarily in the form of beans and rice.  That set me off, of course, so I was fairly quickly seeking out a source of chocolate.  Sigh.


Restart hasn't happened yet.  What I'd LOVE to tell you is that I just "came home" and was magically restarted.  It ain't so.

When I quit smoking, in 1994 (I'm still quit), I found that I had to PERSIST in restarting.  I think that's even more true with food.  All of you who have VISITED have given me the incentive to RESTART. 

Just knowing you are reading, just knowing others are trying the same thing, helps me to realize that I need to PERSIST.  But no one has sent me any feedback.  I'd love to hear from some of you....