No Flour No Sugar

2003 March 30 (SUN) (aka 03-03-30)

The bad news: the "Fitness Meetup," described 03-03-12, did not meet.

The good news:  I met Brenda Davis yesterday; she spoke at a vegetarian group about diet for vegetarians.  Much of her material was familiar to me; I've been vegetarian since 1986. 

Intact Grains

But she did add one or two new pieces to the "no flour no sugar" puzzle.  In particular, she pointed out that, although refined flour is essentially unhealthy (this website is predicated on the notion that any flour is unhealthy) consumption of "intact grains" is important and healthy.  Perhaps that is the "missing piece" of the equation. 

"Wheat Allergies" and Milling

Certainly some people have allergies to wheat, particularly those who have irritable bowels (celiac disease) and must avoid "WORB" (Wheat, Oats, Rye, & Barley).  But I'm a little suspicious of those who sometimes self-diagnose a "wheat allergy" because they feel sluggish and have the all too common "sugar blues"  when consuming milled grains.

Maybe for some people, though not all, the problem isn't the consumption of grains but merely the consumption of milled grains.  For these people intact grains may actually be beneficial.  This commentary is mere speculation, of course, but worthy of exploration....