No Flour No Sugar

2003 March 12 (WED)

About the above links.  I neither endorse nor condemn any of them.  And I haven't tried ALL of them (notably not Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, or any kind of "diet pill"). 

Jeff's Story

The idea, No Flour No Sugar, came from an anonymous speaker that I heard one time at an OA meeting that I visited.

(I offer, here, that I am not indicating that I have any form of affiliation with that organization, merely that I attended a meeting and heard a speaker.)

His name was Jeff, and he spoke at the "HOW" meeting in Cherry Hill, NJ.  His "recovery" was rather amazing.  But, what he said also coincides with Radiant Recovery and Carbohydrate Addicts, and probably to some lesser degree with Atkins.  Whatever he did, it worked for him.  And, his foundation was No Flour, No Sugar.

Maintaining the Plan and Need for Support Groups

The No Flour, No Sugar project worked until about a week ago.  (That means that in the first week of March, 2003 I started consuming some flour and sugar again.) 

Although I didn't lose any weight during the 6 weeks or so that I was sugar & flour free (I think I started making up with Milk & Potatoes for the missing carbs), I did feel much better.  Hard to maintain this kind of program without a support group.  I'm going to try this one next:

Calorie Counting Books

I've got a STACK (literally) of calorie counting books.  But, hands down, I like this one best.