This site is dedicated to low carbohydrate variations of a vegetarian diet to provide a lifetime of  optimal health. 

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First Birthday

This site reached its first birthday on March 12, 2004.  As of February 11, 2005, over 25,000 visitors have been to this site. 

This site is a how-to site.  The focus, entirely, is about how to switch to a no-flour no-sugar way of life. 

Ways to Start

Try The Key Concept, Get Started!, (why not to go) "Cold Turkey," Plan & Shop, Baselines, and More about Baselines

Starch Blockers

Starch Blockers (made from White Kidney Bean Extract) may prove to be a "miracle drug" for starting a low carb diet.  Click here to read more.

Holding Your Focus

Sometimes the biggest problem isn't the plan, it is sticking with it. 

A companion website to this one focuses on sticking with it:  all-you-can-eat


Other Topics

Links & Experiences

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The No Flour, No Sugar Mission Statement

Welcome to No Flour, No Sugar, a website devoted to a lowered carbohydrate variations of a vegetarian diet achieved by the elimination of milled grains (flour) and sweeteners with a high carbohydrate density (including "sugar" (both brown and white) as well as honey, maple syrup, molasses, "high fructose corn syrup," and anything else that produces rapid surges in blood sugar.